Immersive Economy Report 2022

2022 Immersive Economy Report Launches at Immerse UK Summit @ BEYOND

It’s a pleasure to host the Immerse UK Summit at BEYOND in Cardiff on Weds 19 October, offering sessions on ED&I, immersive technology and cross sector applications, including the real world use of metaverse technology.  

Immerse UK will also launch the 2022 Immersive Economy Report at the Summit, revealing industry trends in the aftermath of the coronavirus pandemic, together with the latest insights and data on the UK immersive tech sector, with evidence of growth and its key drivers and barriers. 

The report will inform policymakers, businesses and investors of the key application growth areas, the investor ecosystem, and success stories from government funded R&D programs.

View the full Immerse UK Summit schedule and read on for details on a selection of the sessions and speakers below.

Accelerating Inclusion: Workshop on Inclusive Design for Immersive Experiences

Inclusive design creates content that is more accessible and delightful to those with permanent lived experiences of disability, and to all of us who temporarily or situationally move, sense, think or feel differently. Join speakers from StoryFutures Academy, Hyper Luminal Games, Sugar Creative, InGAME and Open Inclusion, who through the Inclusive Design Accelerator challenge, have been working with Open Inclusion and XR Access to offer SMEs the opportunity to pilot an experimental inclusive innovation process.

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Don’t Just Replicate Your Business in the Metaverse, Build a New World

The biggest opportunity for businesses right now is to create entirely new virtual expressions of brand and customer experience. It’s all about world-building. In this talk, you’ll hear Sol Rogers, Global Director of Innovation for Magnopus, talk about the essential ways to think about translating your business into a world today.

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Where Art, Technology & Science Collide for Sustainability & Social Impact

Joni Karen Newman to discuss the ways Birmingham Open Media are using immersive to highlight environmental issues and engage under-represented communities. Projects include Mother Nature, an XR experience stimulating climate action through game play; and the Queen’s Baton BOM created for the 2022 Commonwealth Games.

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Meet the Immerse UK Summit Speakers

Join a selection of the established and emerging creatives and industry experts who will be reflecting on the Immersive Economy Report and exploring the future of immersive technology.

❑ Asha Easton: Immerse UK Lead at Innovate UK KTN
❑ Sol Rogers: Global Director of Innovation for Magnopus
❑ Karen Newman: Founder / Director of BOM (Birmingham Open Media)
❑ Fiona KilkellyExecutive Producer of StoryFutures Academy
❑ Christine Hemphill: Managing Director of Open Inclusion
❑ Searra Dodds: Lead UX/UI Designer at Hyper Luminal Games
❑ Sean TaylorDirector of InGAME at Abertay University
❑ Will HumphreyDirector & Head of Creative Innovation at Sugar Creative

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