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Sustainable thinking at the heart of Wales’ Creative Industries

BEYOND 2022 is possible thanks to the generous support of our partners. Meet Gerwyn Evans, Deputy Director Creative Wales, Welsh Government and speaker at BEYOND 2022.

Gerwyn Evans

We are delighted that Cardiff will be host to the 2022 BEYOND Conference. Here at
Creative Wales – the Welsh Government agency charged with driving creative
industries growth across Wales – we look forward to connecting people,
championing sustainable, creative development and investing in ideas for
partnerships and growth. Our mission is simple: to drive sustainable growth across
our creative industries, to build on existing success, and to develop our new talent
and skills.

Central to this is our vision of sustainable growth. Our Well-being of Future
Generations (Wales) Act requires us to consider the impact of decision making today
on our future generations. In short, we put long-term sustainability at the forefront of
our thinking – from concept development, through to research innovation and
business commercialisation. It is truly a Wales-made concept, embedded in our law
and public sector engagement, alive and living through our values of fair work, well-
being, diversity and inclusion for all.

Our Welsh Creative Industries is growing (6.4% in 2021) and its turnover has
increased 14% since 2017. We are now actively engaged with our community and
partners representing 3,423 businesses in the screen, music, digital, publishing and
emerging sectors and 35,400 people employed, to open up the dialogue of
sustainable development to address our net-zero targets.

Since Creative Wales was established in January 2020, £14.2 million of production
funding has been awarded to 22 projects generating over £155.6 million of
production spend into the Welsh Economy. Well-being and sustainable principles are
at the heart of what we do. It is our key motivation and driver of our business
dealings. Sustainable growth is in our DNA.

Our Programme for Government is ambitious and includes the development of our
Creative Industry Skills Body, newly-launched Skills Action Plan and Fund, and the
development of a Creative Industry Research and Development Fund.

Find out more about the work of Creative Wales on their website (English / Welsh), Twitter (English / Welsh), Linkedin and Spotify.

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