Doctoral Candidates and Early Career Researchers are showing their work in the Beyond Exhibition. In line with the main focus of our programme this year, the featured projects are centred on the theme of place. Find out more about the projects here.

Judith Ricketts

airTime:a site-specific augmented reality installation for Hastings

University of Brighton

Tessa Ratuszynska

Club XXY: Radical Practice in Virtual Environments

University of the West of Scotland

David Cotter

Creative Musical Collaboration in the 21st Century

University of Cambridge

Philip O’Neill

Designing New Worlds: Design, evaluation and specification of user experiences within immersive environments

Faculty of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences, Ulster University

Mohammadreza Mazarei

Interactive Storytelling for Virtual Reality Medium by Real Walking Inside Virtual Story World

Staffordshire University

Christine Singer

Into the AR Metaverse: Child Co-Design for cultural exchange in the UK and China

Royal Holloway, University of London

Lewis Smith

Overcoming Barriers to Social and Hierarchical Places Through the Design of Immersive Composition and Performance Software

Ulster University

Constantin Popp, Damian Murphy

Planet Xerilia: Crafting Navigable, Narrative, Audio-driven Spaces for VR

University of York

Jamie Gledhill

Raising The Multitude – user-centred design in the making of an interactive artwork

Norwich University of the Arts

Laetitia Forst

ReModelling Fashion: future scenarios for systemic change in fashion

University of the Arts London

Georgios Varoutsos

Sounding Belfast During Covid-19: Lockdown 1 and 2

Sonic Arts Research Centre | Queen’s University Belfast

Andy T. Woods

The impact of audience-size on the appeal of virtual reality, and how to offset this

Royal Holloway

Lora Markova

Virtual Empathy and Embodied Transculturation in the Investigative Art Project ‘The Machine to be Another’

Loughborough University London

Isabelle Velhurst

VIRTUAL VERONESE, immersive storytelling in VR and AR

Royal Holloway University of London

Don Duncan/Don Ó Donnacháin

Vocalic Bodies and Spaces — using animation to create Irish language representation in unionist East Belfast

Queen’s University Belfast