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BEYOND 2021 – Belfast

Watch on demand sessions from BEYOND 2021, with over 80 speakers across a two day schedule packed full of insight, innovation and inspiration. A hybrid conference, catch up on sessions recoded at Titanic in Belfast as well as many that featured on our online platform.

20 October 2021

Introducing BEYOND

Susan Hayes Culleton, BEYOND MC , HayesCulleton Group

Opening Keynote: Sir Peter Bazalgette

Sir Peter Bazalgette, Chairman, ITV plc

The New Heavy Industries: Building Belfast’s Creative Economy

The Screen Media Innovation Lab (SMIL) is bringing Virtual Production facilities to support the fast growing creative economy of Northern Ireland, but the vision goes beyond physical infrastructure. This session tells the story of how SMIL came about and asks what is the real value and true potential of both Virtual Production and SMIL.

Prof Anthony Lilley OBE, Co-Director, Scenario Two

Dr Declan Keeney, Director of the Ulster Screen Academy, Ulster University

Eric Carney, Founder/CTO, The Third Floor

Fiona McLaughlin, Co-founding Director, TAUNT Ltd

John Greer, Director of Economic Development, Belfast City Council

Ministerial Address: Communities Minister Deirdre Hargey

Deirdre Hargey, Minister for Communities of Northern Ireland, welcomes BEYOND attendees to Belfast.

Deirdre Hargey, Minister for Communities , Northern Ireland Executive (Sinn Fein)

Building (the) Dream

This workshop and live demo will step through some of the technical processes and tools used to create Dream, the Royal Shakespeare Company collaboration with the Philharmonia, Marshmallow Laser Feast and Manchester International Festival, and explore the power of these technologies to create new digital stages for performance. Led by Dream movement director Sarah Perry and performer Maggie Bain (who played Cobweb) this is an opportunity to see the technological processes used and learn how performance makers are adapting their craft for these new mediums.

James Turnbull, Producer, Royal Shakespeare Company

Maggie Bain, Actor, Royal Shakespeare Company

Sarah Ellis, Director of Digital Development, Royal Shakespeare Company

Sarah Perry, Movement Director, Royal Shakespeare Company


Fuelling the Future: How to Build New Place-Based Talent Pipelines

At a time when the UK government is talking about national skills shortages across multiple sectors, is it time for the Creative Industries to take a different track, and time to recognise that skills issues in regional and local creative economies need regional and local solutions? 

But can place-based talent pipelines be created and nurtured to  successfully fuel growth in regional and local creative economies? How are different places across the UK approaching the question of where we need to get to and how we can get there? Where is this working and who can we learn from?

Dominic Lusardi, Advisor/NED, Digital Thinkers

Emma Turner, Head of Film CPD and Future Skills, ScreenSkills

Professor Frank Lyons MBE, Interim Executive Dean of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences, Ulster University

Ms Rachel Nicholson, Head of Institution, Backstage Academy

Rosalind Coleman, Producer, Punchdrunk

Structuring Sustainable Success: Place-Based Investment and Infrastructure

The recent Logan Review in Scotland identified ‘Education and Talent’ as one of the three fundamental pillars for a successful Technology Ecosystem. 
Building on the previous session around talent pipelines, experts in funding and business development from Scotland and NI discuss the two other essential dependencies identified in the Logan Review – social/ physical infrastructure and funding – and explore how these map to strategies already in process to support screen and data-driven tech (AI/ AR/ VR) within the two regions.

Professor Chris Speed, Director Creative Informatics, University of Edinburgh

Ian Browne, COO, Ignite NI

Richard Williams, Chief Executive, Northern Ireland Screen

Gruff Rhys Hissing Currents/Seeking New Gods and the BBC audio orchestra

Clwstwr is pleased to bring you an audio experiment specifically designed for Gruff Rhys latest solo record – Seeking New Gods. As part of his Clwstwr-funded project, Hissing Currents, Gruff and Kliph Scurlock partnered with the BBC R&D team and delved into sound via the Audio Orchestrator Tool. Jon Francombe from the BBC R&D team joined them on their journey of exploration all supported by Robin Moore and Ingrid Murphy. The team set out to challenge the traditional record release and create an immersive surround sound home set up. During this discussion you’ll hear directly from the makers, learn that this experiment pushed this record into the top 10 as it outsold Elton John and be invited to try the experiment for yourselves. NB: For the experiment you’ll need at least 4 devices (e.g. 1 desktop / 1 tablet / 2 mobile devices)

Gruff Rhys, Musician

Dr. Ingrid Murphy, Academic Lead (Lecturer) , Cardiff MET

Jon Francombe, Lead Research & Development Engineer, BBC

Kliph Scurlock, Musician

Robin Moore, Digital Innovation Consultant, Shwsh

The Great Uncoupling: The Digital Disruption of Fashion and Place

An insight into how fashion is drawing on production skills in order to create one of the first really functional implementations of the Metaverse – generating entirely new markets and freeing designers from the traditional constraints of place

Alex Lambert, Creative Director, Happy Finish

Materiality in the Metaverse: Tools to Thrive in the New Spaces of Fashion

Fashion experts from academia and industry explore the distinctions between the three levels of the new Fashion Metaverse, the opportunities and issues presented by each, and the tools required to support the next generation of designers and fashion entrepreneurs as they navigate these new worlds and markets.

Alex Lambert, Creative Director, Happy Finish

Miss Jade How, Head of Fashion, Lockwood Publishing

Prof Jane Harris, Professor of Digital Design and Innovation, Director of the Fashion, Textiles and Technology Institute (FTTI, UAL), University of the Arts London, London College of Fashion

Leanne Elliott Young, CEO & Co-Founder, Institute of Digital Fashion

Dr Mike King, CEO, Numerion Software

Warp and Weft: Weaving Sustainable Places

Digital is exciting – but it isn’t the whole story for fashion and textiles. Drawing on innovative case studies using recycled or unwanted materials, this fireside discussion explores the tangible value of physical location to designers freed from geographical constraints.

Dr Dawn Ellams, Research Fellow, Future Fashion Factory, Royal College of Art

Dr Kate Goldsworthy, Co-Director, Centre for Circular Design, University of the Arts London

Dr Noshua Watson, Managing Director, Interwoven Impact

Blinkers Off: Seeing the World Through Equine Eyes

What does the world look like through the eyes of a horse? Alan Hook introduces his research using immersive technologies to explore the borders between human and non-human animals.

Alan Hook, Associate Head of School – School of Communication and Media, Ulster University

Day One: BEYOND Wrap-up

Susan Hayes Culleton, BEYOND MC , HayesCulleton Group

21 October 2021


Susan Hayes Culleton, BEYOND MC , HayesCulleton Group

The City: A Legacy System?

Sinead O’Sullivan, a researcher at the Institute for Strategy and Competitiveness at Harvard Business School, investigates how the long-standing trend towards digital presence at work, which has been massively accelerated by our experience of lockdown, is changing how we manage creativity and innovation. And how, in turn, this is challenging our traditional notions of cities – and nations – and how we inhabit them.

Prof Alex McDowell, Director, World Building Institute and the World Building Media Lab

Dr. Mark Lutter, Executive Director, Charter Cities Institute

Dr Parag Khanna, Founder and Managing Director, FutureMap

Rosanna Covacich, Co-founder, The Place Bureau

Sinead O’Sullivan, Senior Researcher, Harvard Business School

Wide Open Spaces: Building Rural Creative Networks

A third of creative business hubs are outside of the UKs big cities, and beyond them lie thousands of small innovators, entrepreneurs, creative practitioners and businesses, many in remote places. Regions where creative economies are dispersed face unique challenges as they grow, but are also ideally placed to reinvent themselves for the digital age, create new jobs, bring investment and provide a unique sense of place and place-making. This panel looks at what is needed if we’re to support and grow the creative economy in these places.

Emily Sorrell, Innovation Designer

Joanne Evans, Creative Industries Impact and Partnerships and Development Manager, University of Exeter

Dr Josh Siepel, PEC Work Strand Lead for Creative Clusters, Innovation and Access to Finance, SPRU, University of Sussex and Creative Industries Policy and Evidence Centre

Dr Karen Cross, Academic Strategic Lead for Fashion Management, Events, Tourism and Hospitality, Robert Gordon University

Altered Places: How Augmented Reality Could Change our Relationships with our Worlds

In this video piece Augmented Reality Product Designer Campbell Orme asks if and how AR can change our relationships with places.

Campbell Orme, Product Designer, Facebook Reality Labs

Augmenting Places: AR for the People

As the medium becomes more popular, what responsibilities do AR makers have to place – and the communities that live there? Angela Chan, an expert in innovative inclusion in storytelling, talks to leading AR makers to find out how it can be used to open up both places and our imaginations for new encounters with history, our environment and each other – before questioning how we should address the potential issues around accessibility, inclusion and ownership that this opening up of place can unlock.

Angela Chan, Head of Inclusion / Doctoral Researcher, StoryFutures, Royal Holloway, University of London

Charles Golding, Creative Director, CARGO Movement

Nosa Eke, Writer/Director

Dr Paul Clarke, Senior Lecturer in Performance Studies, Artistic Director, University of Bristol, Uninvited Guests

Rob Morgan, Creative Director, Playlines

Belfast Stories: Turning Place 360

Founder of Belfast-based agency Yellow Design, Michael McGlade, explores their work in Belfast and London that is remaking and revealing new aspects of place, past and present, through AR.

Michael McGlade, Creative Director, Yellow Design

Belfast Stories: Beyond Barriers

Filmmaker, Seán Murray and Artist Deepa Mann-Kler explore life and work in relation to notions of ‘place’ and ‘Identity’ in Northern Ireland. They discuss two very different stories and journeys in illustrating what belonging means and how the physical environment affects people, both deeply and generationally.

Visiting Professor Deepa Mann-Kler, Chief Executive, Visiting Professor, Neon, Ulster University

Dr Seán Murray, Film Maker, Relapse Pictures

Baff Akoto Fireside

Angela Chan extends her inquiry into how immersive technologies are changing the landscape of public space art and intervention, talking with celebrated artist & filmmaker, Baff Akoto, about his work around identity, community and diverse perspectives in places of historical protest, the emergent role of the digital creative, and the opportunities and issues this shift are revealing.

Angela Chan, Head of Inclusion / Doctoral Researcher, StoryFutures, Royal Holloway, University of London

Baff Akoto, Conceptual Artist , Independent

Closing Keynote – Glenn Patterson

‘Belfast is my city. That is where my imagination is most alive’.
Award-winning writer Glen Patterson has consistently put his home town at the heart of his novels, using its rich and layered past to explore the complexity of individual moments in history – and unpicking how its ultimate direction of flow is directly shaped by the interaction of complicated individuals within collective contexts.
Hear his personal reflections on the role of place in the creative process.

Glenn Patterson, Writer

Day 2: BEYOND Wrap Up

Prof Andrew Chitty, Challenge Director, UK Research and Innovation

Prof Paul Moore, Director of Creative Industries Future Screens NI, Future Screens NI

Susan Hayes Culleton, BEYOND MC , HayesCulleton Group