Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct

This Code of Conduct applies to all BEYOND events – both in-person and digital. Please be aware that we also expect members of our digital discussion spaces to adhere to an equivalent standard of behaviour.

The goal of our events is to create a safe environment for the free flow of ideas where thinkers, makers, investors and researchers across the creative industries come together to explore the relationship between creative research and business innovation.

We expect everyone at the event to show respect for the person, if not the ideas, and conduct themselves in a respectful and professional manner while at the event.

By attending a BEYOND event, you agree to abide by and support this Code of Conduct. It applies equally to delegates, sponsors, event crew, speakers and any other officially associated personnel.

In Short

If you behave like a jerk you will be removed from the event you are attending and banned from future events.

If You Feel Unsafe or Witness Unsafe Behaviour

If you feel unsafe or are being harassed, or notice someone else is being harassed, or have any other reasons to be concerned at an event, including during networking, fringe, live, in-person and online events, please contact a member of event staff immediately.

How to contact the BEYOND team

At an online event

At an in-person event

  • Our event staff who will be clearly identified
  • Any of the official venue staff
  • Email
  • If someone is in immediate danger, CALL THE EMERGENCY SERVICES!

A Safe Environment

We are committed to providing and maintaining a safe, inclusive and diverse environment for anyone who is interested in our activities and would like to take part. To make this happen, some types of conduct are considered inappropriate and are therefore not permitted at Beyond live events.

In the context of this policy, inappropriate banned conduct is understood as any abusive behaviour or action or conduct that has the purpose or effect of unreasonably interfering with another person’s ability to enjoy and participate in the conference, including social and fringe events related to the conference, or make another individual feel unsafe. This policy also applies to all digital spaces and the online chat or commentary running alongside a virtual event.

Banned Conduct

Demonstrations of such conduct include (but are not limited to) offensive and/or derogatory comments related to gender and gender identity, physical appearance, race and ethnicity, social background, nationality, language and religion; unprompted judgements on a person’s life choices, health, employment and family; deliberate intimidation and other remarks that aim to incite aggressive responses.

 It also includes similar poor conduct towards speakers, exhibitors, conference staff, official venue staff, catering and event crew.  

Addressing an Unsafe Environment

Any attendee who behaves inappropriately may be asked to leave the event, be removed from digital platforms and may be banned from future events. No refund will be offered.

Participants asked to stop any unsafe behavior are expected to comply immediately. There is zero tolerance of any physical harassment.

Duty of Care

The organisers do not hereby assume the duty to control or mitigate the behavior of event attendees toward other attendees, except to the minimum extent required by national, city, (federal and state, where applicable) and local law, if such a minimum requirement exists. No cause of action may be based upon any duty an attendee believes may be established herein by the organisers. All venues selected for the event are run by professional event staff who may also be called upon for support as needed and will serve as an escalation point / additional support for the event crew as required.