3D Light Field Displays and Digital Holograms

Our vision is to “Solve 3D”. Holoxica is a tech company specialising in disruptive holographic 3D solutions from motion video displays to static images. Our tech does not need any head gear where 3D images appear in mid-air, viewable naturally, just like "Star Wars". We have an experienced team delivering on extreme hardware, software and 3D graphics projects. We offer a 3D light-field display solution capable of showing colour motion video, as well as static digital holograms.

Current 3D systems rely on head gear or goggles, which are uncomfortable, inconvenient and constrained to a single user. Our breakthrough innovation solves all of these problems with a solution that includes: a 3D Light-Field Video Display, Light Field Processor unit, Visualisation & Animation App and Content. The 3D image can be seen by multiple viewers simultaneously. Our technology is positioned well beyond current AR/VR headsets and is a direct replacement for this. In fact, our system can be used to view any kind of dataset in 3D with full colour and motion video. We can have real-time manipulation and visualisation of 3D objects and scenes.

The main uses are in professional applications including: medical imaging, scientific data visualisation,
engineering designs, military, aerospace, architecture, construction and maps. Our tech has been featured on
BBC, CNN and Sky News.

We offer a unique and state of the art solution that is visually stunning and engaging. We will be demonstrating the Looking Glass 3D Light Field Display unit running on our graphics processor and our Holoviewer app showcasing a whole host of content.

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