Cyberselves is a company that has developed a system to provide a way to control and program robots through an intuitive, immersive, virtual-reality interface. Developed at the University of Sheffield through our extensive research into robotics, AI, VR, and telepresence, our system offers users the chance to see what the robot sees and control the robot with their own body movements.

A system that will (eventually) be transferable to any robot, our technology promises to enhance both robots and human users by providing powerful solutions to many of the current challenges in robotics, including increased ease of use, increased speed in learning, greater compatibility and flexibility in robotic programming, and vastly improved human-robot interaction enabled through variable autonomy.

Cyberselves is emerging as a spinout drawing together some of the important research being done at the University of Sheffield into immersive technologies, robotics, and AI. We have developed an application for teleoperating robots using virtual reality interfaces, and a software library that allows for the universal programming of robots.

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