Purpose Disruptors

Driving Towards Zero Carbon in the Creative Industries

We’re proud to welcome speakers from organisations doing crucial work to drive change towards sustainability, as we prepare to address how the Creative Industries can build a zero carbon future.

Offering a wealth of knowledge and experience at the BEYOND conference in Cardiff, we will be joined by BAFTA albert Ambassador and environmental production consultant, Steve Smith, who is also managing the Screen New Deal: Wales Transformation Plan, to bring the screen industries to Net Zero.

Richard Phillips will join us from Julie’s Bicycle, a pioneering non-profit, mobilising the arts and culture sector to take action on the climate and ecological crisis. 

We’ll hear from Lisa Merrick-Lawless, Director of Purpose Disruptors, a network of advertising insiders working together to reshape the industry to tackle climate change. Leading the People’s Newsroom as part of the Bureau of Investigative Journalism, award-winning investigative journalist Shirish Kulkarni also joins us.

Climate Change and Social Transformations (CAST) is a global hub for understanding the transformations required to address climate change and it’s a pleasure to welcome its Director and environmental psychologist, Prof Lorraine Whitmarsh MBE

Read on for more information on this exceptional line up of experts and the organisations they represent, working so hard to drive positive change in the face of the climate crisis, plus their sessions on stage at BEYOND in Cardiff.


Steve Smith is Sustainable Production Consultant for BAFTA albert, an environmental organisation that aims to encourage the TV and film production industry to reduce waste and its carbon footprint. Steve executive produced The People Vs Climate Change, provides sustainability editorial training for the BBC, and is project managing the Screen New Deal Transformation Plan for Wales and the Studio Sustainability Standard for BAFTA albert.

 View session: All Hands on Set? Decarbonising the Screen Industry


Richard Phillips is Climate Change Specialist at Julie’s Bicycle, a non-profit working with the creative industries to take bold climate action. In his role, Richard works to improve the environmental performance of organisations, individuals and industry networks across live and recorded music. Richard is motivated by collaborative action on the climate crisis and unlocking the potential of the creative industries to inspire societal change. 

 View session: All Hands on Set? Decarbonising the Screen Industry


Lisa Merrick-Lawless is Co-Founder & Director of Purpose Disruptors, helping the industry transition so it only creates work in line with a 1.5 degree world. They aim to create a visible, large scale movement within the industry, working together to make the necessary transition to meaningfully tackle climate change. Lisa was recently named in Forbes 43 People Changing Advertising For The Climate, and was also one of Campaign magazine’s Top 10 Trailblazers of the year in 2021 for her work on climate in advertising.

 View session: Changing the Story: Can the Creative Industries Lead the Climate Transition?


Shirish Kulkarni leads the People’s Newsroom, an initiative supporting the creation and sustainability of community projects, as part of The Bureau of Investigative Journalism. Hoping to spark positive change, the Newsroom are calling for a news industry in which stories are told with an authentic voice, responding to community needs rather than the powers at large.

 View short-talk: Breaking the News: Community-led Storytelling
 View session: From the Ground up: Building the World of Galwad


Environmental psychologist Lorraine Whitmarsh MBE is Director of The Centre for Climate Change and Social Transformations (CAST), a global hub for understanding the systemic and society-wide transformations that are required to address climate change. At its core, is a fundamental question of enormous social significance: How can we as a society live differently – and better – in ways that meet the urgent need for rapid and far-reaching emission reductions?

 View session: Changing the Story: Can the Creative Industries Lead the Climate Transition?