Reel Reality® an immersive film and TV location app

Reel Reality® an immersive film and TV location app

An immersive experience combining film & TV programmes with their locations

Reel Reality is an entertaining and immersive mobile platform for sharing screen content and mapping film and TV locations. Using a range of technologies, Reel Reality will put you in the heart of the location. The vision was to build a genre defining immersive location experience by combining film/TV programmes with their locations via a 3D mapping system, 360 content, facts, video content (both public and exclusive) and the opportunity for users; fans, families and tourists to be creative and immersed through Augmented Reality (AR) interactivity.

Reel Reality contains a unique AR Set Builder. Through visiting the locations, users are able to discover and collect set items; props, film kit and themed characters and add them to their collection. Using these items, they can build any number of AR film/TV set anywhere, to any scale. There is a connectivity between the AR asset and location, a user can collect an AR Alien where Doctor Who was filmed or snap up a werewolf at the Being Human TV location. Video content can be unlocked at each location to watch then or save for later. Reel Reality contains an at home version where you can access location info, photos and 360 images but to get the full experience you’ll need to visit the locations to unlock video content and collect items for your Augmented Reality film set builder. The first area (zone) available in the app is Cardiff Bay.

Director/Lead Creative

Rebecca Hardy


Apple: iPhone 7 onwards with iOS 11 or above
Android: OS 7 or above


Rebecca Hardy: Creator, Developer, Content Producer, Project Lead.


Sugar Creative Studio

Reel Reality® an immersive film and TV location app



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