Interrobang?! Digital

Interrobang?! Digital

Merging physical and digital realities in gaming experience

Interrobang!? Digital is genre busting theatre-meets-online gaming, in which players are drawn into a real time thriller, become investigators and race to solve a shadowy murder case.

It’s an exciting murder mystery meets surreal black comedy, that turns up at your doorstep, wanders round your house and drags you into the heart of a shadowy mystery.

The game uses dynamic QR code technology and a bespoke web platform to weave the gameplay through multiple digital spaces. Players delve into a database of documents and video interviews underscored with original music and the odd surreal musical number.

National / international participants will dive into a digital world, however for local participants, the game also links physical spaces to further digital content.

Interrobang!? Digital is created by Gideon Reeling who make truly interactive, site-specific theatrical experiences in which audience participation and a sense of inclusive playfulness are paramount.

How does Interrobang?! Digital work?
Players join a squad of investigators, who badly need your help.
Drawn into a thriller they follow leads, work out who to trust, and solve a case – with their ‘superior officers’ keeping them on track, or way off it! It offers a unique experience full of intriguing characters, interviews, challenges, moral quandaries and puzzles.

This is theatre away from the theatre and gaming away from the console.
• Do you love crime thrillers and fancy yourself as a detective?
• Are you up for a mental & moral challenge?
• Do you want to be entertained
Then enter into the immersive world of Interrobang!? Digital
This project is an adaptation & development of Gideon Reeling’s practice (to a mixed digital & real-world delivery), which aims to:

Entertain & engage our audience
Push our work into new digital territory
Develop new ways of distributing our work
To be accessible & relevant for audiences with mobility access requirements
To be covid safe
To continue to make theatre that is free at the point of use – working with StoryFutures to develop a local walk about tour for public

Artistic Director

Kate Hargreaves


A computer


Written, Created, Produced & Directed 
Kate Hargreaves, Kathryn McGarr and Hetty Burton
Based on an original concept by Barry McStay 
Website Designer & Technical Director
Tom Wright
Tech Creation & Development 
Dr James Ohene-Djan and Gideon Carr for Touch TV
Gideon Carr, Vlad Poltava and Benjamin Welles
Filmed and Edited 
Kate Hargreaves, Kat McGarr and Tom Wright
Additional Editing 
Jo Dagless and Dino Jacovides
Original Music 
Stick Up Boys, Phil Saatchi & the Stick Up boys, HardCheese with additional vox Kat McGarr
 Performed by
Kathryn McGarr as DCI Anderton & Robin Wright
Kate Hargreaves as Welly Woo & DI Reeling
Matthew Blake as Gita Phibbs & Paul Waaktaar Savoy
Barry McStay as Dr Harvey Davegreaves
Chris Rochester as Gladys Friday & Gray Bailey
Rakhee Sharma as Sia Dash
Sam Booth as Jonny Wild
David Hargreaves as Mr Hill
Adrian Relph as Dustin Spektor
Hetty Burton as Deborah Porter
Additional Faces and Voices 
Ben Van Der Veld, Catherine Rowney, Daniel Millar, Adam Redmore, Alessia Pezzini, Cecily Wright, Jim Wright, Ramiro Gabelli and Hetty Burton
Drone & Additional Cinematography
Jo Dagless and Adam Sharam
Rosie Gibbens
Graphic Design 
Jim Wright, Rory Muldoon and Kate Hargreaves
Nadia Nadif and Hetty Burton
Selina Ocean, Ella Marak-Freeman, Jo Dagless and Kathryn McGarr
Marketing Support
Emma Power Barrett At Large Limited, Sophie Coghlan
Game Design Consultant & Contributor
Jack Lowe, Royal Holloway, University of London
**Printing **
Paul Williams, Chiswick Herald
Supported by 
The London Mayor’s Back to Business Fund, Watermans Theatre, University of East London and Liselle Terret, the Department for Music, Writing & Performance, Natacha Da Silva, Alessia Pezzini, Layla Edwards, Hounslow Borough Council, StoryFutures & their R&D OD programme


Arts Council – Recovery Fund
Hounslow Borough Council
Mayor of London

Interrobang?! Digital



Short teaser for the game