Immersive Storytelling for Travellers

An Augmented Reality Expereince to time travel and explore culture and heritage

SENSEcity Walks
SENSEcity’s first commercial product – SENSEcity Walks, enables users to navigate a city or Historic Sites through 3D bespoke experiences that bring the architecture, culture and environments to life.

SENSEcity has created a unique category using digital apps and Immersive Storytelling tools. In a self-guided age, it provides immersive, human and localized augmented reality experiences for travelers to follow at their own pace and convenience. The app promotes local attractions and destinations through this unique AR Platform thereby impacting the economic drivers. They receive better marketing ROI by only targeting customers within a given radius of their business.

A pocket-sized illustrated booklet and it’s complimentary mobile app provide travellers with immersive stories through some of the best mediums- an audio-guide, 3D animations, videos and images from the past and hand-drawn
illustrations. This allows visitors to experience new cities like never before. It allows them to get the real stories, previously unavailable content, directions to the coolest venues that only the locals know, discounts on local bars and restaurants and the best part is, they don’t have to waste a bunch of time doing the research as SENSEcity curates rich content for each city. This tool will change the way visitors experience cities!

A good audio guide helps make emotional connections as well as being an informative tool. SENSEcity approaches the city from the perspective suited to various visitor profile and provides relatable journeys to the user through the medium of illustrations. When the users view these illustrations through the AR app loaded on their phone, each illustration reveals content along with an audio guide about hidden stories around the landmark.

SENSEcity offers a way for travellers to experience the city as it is and as it was by
superimposing handpicked archive images over these illustrations.

Through Creative Informatics Funding, SENSEcity is designing and developing an Augmented Reality Tower Viewer for the Historic Environement Scotland at a chosen Castle in Scotland. The aim of the project is allow users to transport into a historical snapshot of time and have an on site immersive expereince.

HES currently offers visitors tourist telescopes to magnify and interpret the surrounding landscapes at historic sites. Through the Creative Informatics programme, Pooja and her team at SENSEcity are going to use their extensive data sets and archives to move beyond the traditional telescope and enhance the visitor experience through a completely reimagined product.- The Historiscope.


iOS and Android Smartphone


Team name
Pooja Katara- Project Lead
Jaynish Shah- UI/UX Design
Zachary Sorrells- Business Development
Prof. Johnny Rodger- Research and Development
The Intellify- Development Partners


Partner name
Historic Environment Scotland
Creative Informatics
The Intellify
Immersive Storytelling for Travellers

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