Sarah Martindale

University of Nottingham

Research Fellow at Horizon Digital Economy Research

Speaker Biography

Dr Sarah Martindale specialises in collaborative projects that bring together researchers, technologists and creative practitioners. These provide opportunities for digital innovation, new cultural experiences, data collection and cultural impact. Her work responds to calls for greater digital experimentation in arts and cultural sectors, in the manner of science and technology R&D, now made more pressing by the COVID-19 crisis.

Sarah is an interlocutor between academic and industry partners, helping develop and research next generation immersive experiences for public exhibition and touring using cutting-edge digital technologies like room-scale VR, wearable sensors and real-time 3D rendering. Creative and digital innovation can offer audiences greater agency and dramatically diversify cultural content by making it more interactive, by inviting repeat engagement with interactive content and by offering personalised content. Sarah is the recipient of a prestigious Nottingham Research Fellowship (2019-2022), which supports her agile research studying innovative cultural practices and audience responses.