Hacking environmental heritage with homebrew technologies and open source data to reclaim the Lost City

Heritage hacked: working with people, place and Zombie Media to reclaim the Lost City

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Today Dunwich is small village on the Suffolk coast being absorbed by the North Sea. Now known as the Lost City most of Dunwich is underwater and much of its heritage is built on loss. In developing site-specific interactive narratives with tangible interfaces multimodal storytelling has the potential to create more meaningful and engaging ontological relationships with our environment. This research works to discover how to create connections between audiences and their environmental heritage without the need for using new technology which damages the environment.

Emily Godden


Currently I am a BA (Hons) Digital Media Lecturer teaching Immersive Storytelling at Anglia Ruskin university in Cambridge and a production human at East Anglian Digital Incubator. Alongside this I am studying a practice-based PhD with the StoryLab research institute to reclaim stories, landscapes and technologies to hack the heritage of Dunwich. In 2016 I set up Virtually There Studio, an award winning arts & digital media studio based in Suffolk which creates exhibitions, experiences and educational opportunities to create positive behaviour change towards the environment and wellbeing.