Diego Martinez Plasencia


Lecturer of Multisensory Interfaces

Speaker Biography

Diego Martinez Plasencia is a researcher of 3D User Interfaces. He started his research working on multi-user Virtual Reality worlds, believing that the traditional VR arrangements (e.g. Head-mounted devices, specialised spaces such as Caves) stands in the way of usable experiences. Diego finds that reduced spaces, data gloves, helmets, sensors (and the dozen wires that go with them) stand as a barrier between the users and the benefits VR promises.

In recent years he has been researching systems that allow us to reap the benefits of collaborative VR worlds, in formats that can integrate in our day to day life. This is done by combining 3D display approaches and physical principles (optics, acoustic levitation, electric fields,) avoiding cumbersome devices on the user, and aiming to increase adoption of these types of interfaces.