Immortal XR

Turning Artists + Influencers Into Interactive Holographic Superstars

SPATIALx is an XR start-up based in MediaCityUK. We’re focused on building a portfolio of XR brands and transformative Mixed Reality experiences that span the three pillars we believe have the largest critical use-cases in XR: Commerce, Communications, and Entertainment.

Earlier this year, we presented BLANK XR, our first flagship brand at Augmented World Expo 2020 in Silicon Valley. BLANK XR is Earth’s First Holographic Mega-Mall; it’s a long-play strategy that culminates in 2030 as we reach mass adoption of XR and global roll-out of 5G. A traditional “mega-mall” by definition, it offers food, retail, and entertainment in a physical environment. However, as we continue to shift, change and respond to what ‘reality’ really means in a post-COVID era, we’re able to use immersive technologies to re-imagine and play with new meanings for this space.

At BEYOND Conference 2020 we are introducing Immortal XR as part of the entertainment offering within BLANK XR. It is a new entertainment format that will help artists and influencers to form a direct, omnipresent relationship with fans that is engaging, emotive, and personal.

Immortal XR turns artists and influencers into interactive holographic superstars, with performance and conversation at the forefront of the AR and MR experience. We look forward to offering Beyond Conference attendees an exclusive peek into Project Immortal. We’ll delve into our conversational engine where we combine holographic capture with AI generating life-like holographic clones powered by personalised input, Machine Learning algorithms, and Natural Language Processing, creating an authentic human experience.


Team name
Denise E. White - Founder, CEO
Mike Koss - Chief Technology Officer
Jonathan White - Chief Creative Officer


Partner name
Mike Pell - Envisioneer, The Microsoft Garage
Immortal XR

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