Plan V Tools

A set of virtual production tools for Unreal Engine

Plan V Tools started as a set of tools we developed while working on various projects. It allowed us to improve our pipeline using Unreal Engine by adding missing features and simplifying existing ones. One of Plan V Tools’ strengths is its ability to be used both with and without Unreal Engine, allowing anyone with a computer to use it, and in this way also democratising access to filmmaking.

Plan V Tools allows the user to easily package any 3D environment into an executable they can quickly and efficiently share with team members and production staff. This executable will contain crucial tools such as camera settings, a storyboarding editor, an animation player, VFX layers and passes, the ability to control the camera with an external tracker (such as a VR Headset or an IOS device) and more.

In addition to these tools, more functionalities are available when using the plugin inside of Unreal Engine’s editor. These include measuring objects and rendering them as techvis screenshots, a 360° rendering tool, the ability to record camera takes, simple interfaces to toggle view modes, take screenshots and perform multi-pass renders.

The idea behind Plan V Tools was to simplify and adjust the current way of filmmaking: we believe new generations have access to a great deal of technology and should use that to there advantage, so that they can enhance creativity and deliver a higher quality, no matter the starting budget.


Team name
Dan May - Founder
Yassmine Najime - Producer
Jackson Rolls-Gray - TD
Samuel Metters - UE4 Programmer


Partner name
Plan V Tools

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