Interactive Theatre 3D Video

Integrating individual Zoom videos into a 3D games engine for immersive theatre performances.

This production integrates the digital platform Zoom with AI technologies to create an online storytelling family experience. Structured as an interactive theme park, it gives families agency and choice to create their own story based on the much-loved Lewis Carroll tale.

Alice | A Virtual Theme Park was born out of a successful funding application by the creative technology company to InnovateUK. Not only did the contribution provide vital financial support in the creation of this production, but it also funded the compilation of an open access book which documents how to produce shows such as Alice. The book has been released, free of charge, to the theatre industry as a way to create new revenue streams.


Audiences can access on home-spec computers and tablets.


Alice: Leda Douglas
Cook/Dormouse: Annabelle Terry
The Madhatter: Dharmesh Patel
The March Hare: Colm Gormley
The Queen of Hearts: Vera Chok
The Tweedles: Tom Richardson
The White Rabbit: Nicky Harley


Team name
Director: Zoe Seaton
Producer: Lucy Askew
Producer: Guy Gadney
Zoom 3D Technology: Oscar Lindstrom
Technical Lead: Ben Salili-James Writer: Rianna Dearden


Partner name
Creation Theatre
Big Telly Theatre
Interactive Theatre 3D Video

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