What to Expect at the BEYOND 2021 Digital Showcase!

The Immersive Futures Lab at BEYOND is a digital showcase for creative projects that demonstrate innovative ideas, new types of content and novel uses of technologies. BEYOND delegates can view the 2021 showcases online and can join the Meet the Makers sessions during the conference to find out more about these exciting projects!

Here is a taster of some of the amazing projects we have showcasing at BEYOND this year…

Project XO Remote: Interactive Dance & Robotics Installation for Online Audiences

Project XO (Live) is a cutting-edge dance installation devised by New Movement Collective with collaborators Kai Lab, Simon Haenggi and Fenyce Workspace. This unique encounter invites members of the public to wear a robotic exoskeleton which moves their body in a precise choreography. Exploring themes of power, agency and empathy, the robotic suit both subdues and empowers the wearer as we watch this haunting interaction between the participant, dancer and the technology.

Project XO Remote Is brought to you by New Movement Collective

Curatours Museum of Plastic 2121: In the Future You’ll Find Plastic Only in Museums…

Museum of Plastic is an imagined future museum, built to teach future generations about plastics and tell the story of how activism started in 2021 led to the positive change that resulted in us cleaning up our oceans and forever changing our relationship with plastic.

The world today can seem bleak, with terrifying predictions creating deep-seated anxiety for the future, throwing doubt into the impact of our actions. Taking inspiration from the Solarpunk* movement, this is a positive look at our future.
Museum of Plastic is brought to you by Cooperative Innovations

Seeds of Life: A Meditative, Interactive Journey Through the Natural World

Seeds of Life is an immersive, interactive experience built for the Oculus Quest 2. It is inspired by the ways in which trees, and by extension, all of nature, communicate underground through a vast fungal network. The player begins in a space-like underworld where they activate ‘energy’ which grows into abstract roots. They travel along these roots and on the way create animals and plants from this same energy.
Seeds of Life is brought to you by National Film and TV School + StoryFutures Academy

Dragon Legends: An Augmented-Reality Choose-Your-Own-Adventure Card Game

Dragon Legends is an R&D prototype for an Augmented Reality (AR) card game to support seriously ill young people (aged 13-16) in their transition from child to adult services. It aims to help these young people and their families address anxieties and concerns they face around transition of care so they can engage with their illness and its likely impact on their lives as they move into the adult world.
Dragon Legends is brought to you by Play Well for Life

Check Out the Full Showcase Lineup

These are just a few from an array of projects that are part of the BEYOND 2021 Immersive Futures Lab showcase. Be sure to have a browse through all the showcase projects and don’t miss the Meet the Makers sessions, to gain a valuable insight into the makers behind these innovative, cutting edge projects:

Meet the Makers Sessions at BEYOND

Wednesday 20 October

11:30 – 12:30

13:30 – 15:00

17:00 – 18:00

Thursday 21 October

13:30 – 14:30