Not to be Missed: Top 5 Picks from the BEYOND Schedule!

With less than a month to go until BEYOND 2021, we thought we would share our top picks from across the schedule of discussion panels, short talks, Q&As & more, executed by some of the top talent from across the Creative Industries. You can attend BEYOND online or in person this year, so whichever you choose, be sure to grab your ticket now and get involved in this unique, annual gathering of thinkers, researchers and innovators, as they explore and expand upon this years’ conference theme of Creative Places

Photo by Dhruv Weaver on Unsplash

Fuelling the Future: How to Build New Place-Based Talent Pipelines

For creative economies to thrive they need a pipeline of talent as fuel. This panel, composed of Rosalind Coleman, Dominic Lusardi, Frank Lyons, Rachel Nicholson and Emma Turner,  looks at how businesses and educators are working in different regions of the UK to devise new ways to train the makers of the future. This session includes an audience Q&A so be ready to join them at 12:10 on 20 October to get involved in the discussion!

Photo by Viktor Forgacs on Unsplash

Monoliths: Northern Landscapes, Female Voices

What is it like to be a Northern woman? Who exactly is a ‘Northern woman’? In this short-talk, Lucy Hammond gives us a sneak preview into how Pilot Theatre‘s latest project, ‘Monoliths’, combines commissioned writing, captured soundscapes and virtual worlds within a performative context to draw audiences into the inner worlds of some of the many identities shaped by a single region.

Photo by Nick Hawkes on Unsplash

Belfast Stories: Beyond Barriers

Join filmmaker, Seán Murray and Artist Deepa Mann-Kler for this short-talk as they explore  life and work in relation to notions of ‘place’ and ‘Identity’ in Northern Ireland. They discuss two very different stories and journeys in illustrating what belonging means and how the physical environment affects people both deeply and generationally.

Photo by Misael Nevarez on Unsplash

The City: A Legacy System?

In this short talk, Sinead O’Sullivan, a researcher at the Institute for Strategy and Competitiveness at Harvard Business School, is joined by Dr. Parag Khanna, Dr. Mark Lutter and Professor Alex McDowell to investigate how the long-standing trend towards digital presence at work, accelerated by our experience of lockdown, is changing how we manage creativity and innovation. And how, in turn, this is challenging our traditional notions of cities – and nations – and how we inhabit them.

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Blinkers Off: Seeing the World Through Equine Eyes

Have you ever wondered what  the world looks like through the eyes of a horse? In this short talk on 20 October at 16:30 , Alan Hook introduces his research using immersive technologies to explore the borders between human and non-human animals.

2 Days, 40+ Speakers & Some Extra Special Events!

These are just a few of many sessions taking place over the two days of the BEYOND – not to mention the extra events taking place in Belfast on the days book-ending BEYOND. Take a look at our full schedule for all the details.

See you at BEYOND!