CI Labs #14 @ BEYOND: Games Go Guerilla

It’s a pleasure to include the CI Labs: Games Go Guerilla event from Creative Informatics (funded through the Creative Industries Clusters Programme), as part the BEYOND schedule on Day 4 at 6pm.

This event explores the world of indie gaming with designers and artists that are developing innovative and inclusive new games concepts! The UK video games sector has far more to offer than Grand Theft Auto and Minecraft. Join this session from Creative Informatics, to hear from some fantastic independent developers, designers and composers, creating new gaming experiences that include exploring a fictional Islamic country under an occupying force, an LGBTQ+ dating game – for the undead, and a therapeutic game for children with Cystic Fibrosis.

Behind the well-known major studios, a growing number of independent developers, creators and practitioners, are taking games in entirely different directions, using data in innovative new ways and creating unique experiences. Whether you are a die-hard gamer, or have never picked up a joypad, join this Creative Informatics’ event to find out more about the opportunities being created across the creative industries, looking towards a more interactive future.

Speakers include

Jamie Bankhead, CEO of Konglomerate Games, an award-winning video games company that specialises in developing healthcare and other serious video game projects. Konglomerate’s current project is a game designed to assist with the physiotherapy care of children with Cystic Fibrosis.

Jack King-Spooner is an artist, musician and video games developer based in the Scottish Borders, who makes alternative video games inspired by his life and whatever is on his mind. His games can be found at

Luci Holland is a composer and sound artist who composes and produces music and audiovisual art for film, games and concert. Luci will be joining us to share two of her latest interactive pieces EmojiNote and Pumpkin Player.

Register to attend this event directly on Eventbrite CI Labs #14: Games Go Guerilla (Thu, 3 December 2020, 18:00 – 20:00 GMT)

About Creative Informatics CI Labs

CI Labs are part of Creative Informatics, a partnership across the University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh Napier University, Codebase and Creative Edinburgh, enabling individuals and organisations to explore how data-driven technologies can enhance their work. To find out more about the Creative Informatics programme visit

Funded by the Creative Industries Clusters Programme managed by the Arts & Humanities Research Council as part of the Industrial Strategy, with additional support from the Scottish Funding Council. The programme is part of the City Region Deal Data Driven Innovation initiative.