The Abandoned Library

The Abandoned Library

In a future Northern England devastated by climate change, an environmental worker uncovers an abandoned library where books and technology have fused into the architecture and landscape to create new stories.

The Abandoned Library is a short immersive work of fiction for VR by Wakefield-based studio Dreaming Methods exploring themes of climate change, displacement and artificial intelligence. The work incorporates real-time 3D graphics, immersive audio, poetry and archival film footage. The Abandoned Library has been selected for BAFTA and BIFA-qualifying Aesthetica Short Film Festival and Bolton Film Festival in 2023.


Judi Alston and Andy Campbell

Lead organisation

Dreaming Methods




Written, directed and produced by Andy Campbell and Judi Alston
CJ spoken word poetry written and performed by Toria Garbutt
The Librarian, Dr Guddi Singh
Director of Photography – The Librarian, Dean Hinchliffe
Soundscape, Barry Snaith
3D artist and motion capture model, Tiara Ashworth
Music, Gesang Kangsa
Illustrations & Artwork in the Library, Evie Godfrey, Madison Newbound, Holly Snaith


The Art House Wakefield, Yorkshire Film Archive and Wakefield Libraries

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The Abandoned Library