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Executive Producer

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Dan Munslow
Executive Producer, Target3D

Target3D has a long history of bringing motion capture and hidden tracking to location based installation creators including “A Drop In The Ocean” at Tribeca and both “Somnai” and “War of the Worlds” in London.

Dan’s recent works include:

Leading the team testing and demystifying virtual production\ICFX workflows at Target3D’s Virtual Production Test Stage.

Working with Nick Knights’s Showstudio producing motion capture shoots for Bjork and Lady Gaga.

Producing Royal Shakespeare Company’s Audience of the Future motion captured theatrical production “Dream”.

Producing Philharmonia’s Virtual Reality Immersive experience the “VR Sound Stage”.

Bringing the Mixed Reality elements to Jaguar’s first ever car launch in VR with the I-Pace, well before virtual production tools were readily available.

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