Yang Jiang

Robert Gordon University


Speaker Biography

Dr. Yang Jiang is a senior lecturer at Robert Gordon University, Aberdeen. Her research interests are predominantly 3D visualisations, immersive technologies, computer gaming and computer-generated 3D character animations, as well as real-time motion capture. Her research objective is trying to bridge the gap between graphics-based computer generated media and real-time captured videos, images as well as other forms of media, especially in 3D forms.

Yang is the principle investigator of a 36 month research project funded by AHRC called “Augmented Fashion: Immersive Interactions for Sustainable Heritage in Fashion and Textiles”. It is a £1.3 million project looking exploring how digital technologies could be used to promote heritage fashion & textiles in sustainable development across the UK & China. She is also lead and co-lead on other cross disciplinary research projects based around the topic of digital technology for climate change, culture heritage preservation and fashion & design.