Shu Xie

Shanghai Yan Yue Culture & Communication Ltd

Project Director

Speaker Biography

Shu XIE is founder and partner for Shanghai Yan Yue Culture & Communication Co Ltd, providing bespoke services for clients in China and European markets, with networks in Shanghai, Beijing, Hongkong, London, Dublin, Milan & Paris. Yan Yue engages with various government organisations, private clients, commercial organisations, and industrial associations in Creative, Consumer/Retail, Technology and Education sectors and have supported different European business landing in China.

Shu has participated in high-level of business/culture activities between China and UK, including the UK’s ex-Prime Minister David Cameron’s China visit, the ‘GREAT Festival of Creativity ‘(Shanghai) supported by Duke of Cambridge, Technology Innovator Forum (TIF-IN)/Global Digital Media and Entertainment Alliance (China) and the ‘VOW’ Female Leadership Project initiated by British Government. She is a founding partner for International Music Collaboration Organisation, Global Leadership Collaborative Alliance, and the Sustainable Fashion Industry Committee & Institution (in planning) which is supported by China Fashion Designer Association.