Mike King

Numerion Software


Speaker Biography

Dr. Michael King has a PhD in bio-electronics, during which he fell in love with computing. After several years of working in big companies, he took a break in 2009 to partner with JC Leprevost, a world leading architect of CPU based real-time physics, to found Numerion Software, a boutique dynamics consultancy.

Dr King is an accomplished senior-level executive with a 25+ year record of successful strategic and tactical leadership within the international high-tech industry. Prior to co-founding Numerion he was VP of World-Wide R&D at Electronic Arts for 5 years and before that COO of Criterion Software for 10 years, a world leading games and middleware company with 250 staff on three continents. Dr. King has a great love of photography and frustrated by the challenge of capturing in camera what the eye sees, he actually considered doing another PhD in Color Appearance Models, before opting for founding Numerion.