Marina Guo

Cultural Entrepreneur, Consultant & Researcher

Speaker Biography

Dr Marina Guo is a cultural entrepreneur, consultant & researcher based in Canada with roots in China and UK. She has over 28 years experience in cultural creative industries both in her business practices and academic career across multiple countries including China, UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

Marina holds a Ph.D. in Economics, Master of Arts and Bachelor in International Business. She has extensive experience in research, innovation and teaching at a number of research institutes and universities. As former head of Arts Management program, Marina has 6 years experience in teaching in performing arts and business. Her research interest has been in field of creative economy, arts management, cultural tourism, urban culture and talent development.

Marina is a CAVA Associate and, in collaboration with Prof. Richard Koeck, is contributing her expertise to the UK-China academic-industry partnership with particular emphasis on multi-disciplinary approaches to next generation immersive experience with policy implications.