Kris Erickson

University of Leeds

Associate Professor in Media and Communication

Speaker Biography

Kris Erickson is Associate Professor in Media and Communication at Leeds University, UK. His research is focused mainly on quantitative, computer-assisted studies of online communities. He holds a PhD from the University of Washington, Seattle, on the topic of national security and the DEFCON computer hacker community in the USA.

Kris has led several funded research projects, including on the effectiveness of using crowdsourcing to enable digitisation of cultural heritage. Recently Kris has written on the subject of YouTube takedowns, fan-made video games, and Wikimedia Commons volunteer labour, all with the overall theme of understanding the role of law and policy in shaping the expression and behaviour of innovative communities. Kris is a founding editorial board member of the Copyright Evidence Wiki, a public repository on the effects of copyright, with an emphasis on providing economic data on the role of copyright in society.