Jocelyn Spence

University of Nottingham

Research Fellow Mixed Reality Lab

Speaker Biography

Dr Jocelyn Spence, of the University of Nottingham’s Mixed Reality Lab, has published extensively in the fields of human-computer interaction, experience design, and performance studies. Her framework of Performative Experience Design (2016) informs studies and designs of technologically mediated experiences, especially those involving personal storytelling.

In recent years she has brought her expertise to mixed reality experiences in museums and cultural heritage sites, from playful apps in city museums and castles to physicalised virtual reality (VR) experiences of Holocaust photography, using 3D printed models in immersive VR environments to build community interpretations, and exploring tensions in cultural expectations of technology use in museums. Much of this work has focused on practices of meaningful personal gifting via digital means, often in museum contexts.

See https://gifting.digital and https://vrtefacts.org for some examples.