Irina Shklovski

University of Copenhagen

Professor of Communication and Computing

Speaker Biography

Irina Shklovski works across many disciplines, focusing on ethics in technology development, information privacy, social networks, and relational practices.

Her projects address responsible technology design, data governance, online information disclosure, the use of self-tracking technologies, data leakage on mobile devices and the sense of powerlessness people experience in the face of massive personal data collection. She is concerned with how everyday technologies are becoming increasingly “creepy” and how people come to normalize and ignore those feelings of discomfort. Irina believes that addressing these problems requires changes in the education of designers and developers that will create technologies of our future.

Most recently she coordinated project VIRT-EU, examining how IoT developers enact ethics in practice and co-designing interventions into the IoT development process to support ethical reflection on data and privacy in the EU context (http://www.virteuproject.eu/servicepackage).

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