Birgitta Hosea

University for the Creative Arts

Professor of Moving Image

Speaker Biography

Birgitta Hosea is Professor of Moving Image at the University for the Creative Arts. She works with expanded animation and experimental drawing to create durational images, live performances, experiential installations and short films that expand the concept of animation out of the screen and into the present moment, using tools such as lasers, holographic projection, interactive cartoons and light drawing. Skilled in multi-disciplinary collaboration and participatory methods, she applies “animation thinking” to a range of other disciplines.

With experience in education from PhD supervision through to corporate training, Birgitta has taught in many leading institutions around the world including Azerbaijan, Austria, China, Romania, Sweden and the USA, including initiating and project managing public engagement projects with the National Gallery, ENO, London Transport Museum, RSC and the Wellcome Digital Collection. Her current research, in collaboration with StoryFutures, Valkyrie Industries and Camille Baker, involves developing techniques for building sensory and tactile immersive worlds in VR.