Alexandra Thomopoulos

World Building Media Lab

Design Research Lead

Speaker Biography

Alexandra Thomopoulos is an architectural designer and design researcher working across various platforms of reality. She is currently the design research lead on World in a Cell, a collaborative project between the Worldbuilding Media Lab and the Bridge Institute, both out of the University of Southern California. During her time on the project she established, alongside creative director Alex McDowell and science advisor Helen Berman, the visual formal and structural language of the world of a pancreatic beta cell.

She additionally led the design research team in the narrative development, where they explored constituent agents that would be disruptive to the ‘healthy’ pathway of insulin creation. Her personal work explores constructed environments as manifestations of systems that are ubiquitous in our world. She is currently conducting research on memory and heritage in her native Greece. Alexandra received a Master of Architecture from the University of Southern California.