The Infinite Hotel

The Infinite Hotel is a narrative-driven VR adventure that boasts a grand scale adventure in a room scale space. Set in a hotel with an infinite number of floors, the player takes on the role of elevator operator, ferrying passengers, delivering packages and, eventually, figuring out what the name of Hilbert is going on when it all goes sideways.

The original premise came from the desire to work within VR’s key limitation – physical space – rather than fighting against it with digital locomotion techniques. The game is still in early stages, with much of the bespoke narrative still to be added, and, with the aid of Future Screens NI, randomised character generation, mission generation, and environment generation.

The game's demo won The Big Indie Pitch at PocketGamer London, earned a highly regarded Best In Play award at GDC San Francisco, and was recently nominated for Best Immersive Game at the London Raindance Festival. With its multi-headed assistant manager, cockroach concierge and procedurally generated patrons, The Infinite Hotel is a little like stepping into a Pixar film.

Kevin Beimers runs Holywood indie development studio Italic Pig. He’s the creator of the award-winning cult hit Schrödinger’s Cat and the Raiders of the Lost Quark, and a two-time recipient of Creative Europe MEDIA and NI Screen funding for Mona Lisa, a paint-based Renaissance romp, and The Infinite Hotel, a narrative-driven VR adventure nominated for Best Immersive Game at London’s Raindance Festival.

In his past, Kevin’s had an office on the 73rd floor of the Empire State Building, rode a tricycle around Australia, and wrote & directed a primary school production of Star Wars the Musical. His weapon of choice is the non sequitur, followed closely by a BFG9000 made out of Lego.

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