Digital Laocoon

For their Next Generation of Immersive Experience award project, Professor Steve Love (The Glasgow School of Art), Damien Smith (Creative Partner ISOdesign), and Shona Noble (Research Assistant, the Glasgow School of Art), adopted a user-centred design approach to develop an immersive, story-driven VR experience around the restoration (and subsequent destruction) of sculptural casts within Glasgow School of Art’s Mackintosh Building.

For their follow on award from the AHRC, they have created an interactive proof-of-concept demonstration to further explore the feasibility of delivering a range of archival assets (3D object scans, images, digital documents, architectural models) within a virtual space – Studio 39.

The assets required for the proof of concept demo of Studio 39 have come mainly from the Archives and Collection department at The Glasgow School of Art. Using a co-design approach with schoolchildren, they have developed a series of immersive interactive spaces where schoolchildren can explore the history of The Glasgow school of Art.

Professor Steve Love, The Glasgow School of Art, Principle Investigator / Project Lead
Damien Smith, Creative Partner ISOdesign
Shona Noble, Research Assistant, The Glasgow School of Art

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