Augmented Humanity: Gogglebox of the Future

This stand features the emerging outputs from five projects supported by the AHRC Creative Economy Engagement Fellowship programme, coordinated by the North West Consortium Doctoral Training Programme and led by Dr Abigail Gilmore (University of Manchester) under the umbrella title Augmented Humanity: Does the Human Enhance the Machine or the Machine Enhance the Human?

The ‘Gogglebox of the Future’ project is a short film inspired by the Gogglebox format, run at Imagination Lancaster by Joseph Lindley, Adrian Gradinar Paul Coulton with support from Ian Foffester at the BBC. The participants in the film are all watching television in “”The Living Room of the Future”” (LRoTF). A technology prototype, the LRoTF explores our changing relationship with technologies in our home and how these may deliver more immersive experience. Sensors, smart objects, and the BBC’s Object-Based Media system explore the possibilities of more immersive viewing experiences.

Dr Joseph Lindley (University of Lancaster)
Dr David Hartley (University of Manchester)
Dr Ioanna Filippidi (RNCM)
Dr Ray Drainville (MMU, Dr Robert Small (Lancaster University), supported by Lukas Nohrer

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