ALAIRA is an enterprise scale, immersive and collaborative analytics tool, making data more accessible and engaging. Helping insight-driven businesses make faster, more informed decisions.

ALAIRA’s platform enables easy data collaboration and immersive analytics across XR technologies, across the world supporting decision making for B2B in virtual (VR) and augmented (AR) reality.

Designed to bring together colleagues from across the globe in collaborative spaces and deliver next generation data analysis capability across an organisation; using interactive 3D data visualisation. Helping the business to evaluate exponentially growing volumes of data and keeping pace with changes in their industry.

ALAIRA’s advanced visual analytics allows teams to easily identify gaps and get ahead of larger issues, spot outliers and take action with the support of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence.

Laura Smith is CEO and head of interactive visualisations at Slanted Theory, an innovative data visualisation and analytics company that utilises A.I. along with Virtual, Augmented and Mixed reality to disrupt the way data is analysed.

Laura has had a strong interest in art and design from a young age and started her career around computers by mixing digital and fine art, which lead to her first company in UX design. Later working in computer science and around complex research data, Laura fused the two paths to cofound Slanted Theory. She now specialises in creating engaging interactive experiences in virtual and augmented reality to enable non-specialists to explore multidimensional data like never before, through her ALAIRA platform.

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