Embodied Imagination: Participatory Performance and Motion-Capture Scenographic Tools for Social Stroke Support

Galindo, Clayton and Raeburn are members of the Cognitive Science Research Group and PhD Candidates in the Media & Arts Technology Programme at Queen Mary University of London. They are creative technologists and researchers with a multidisciplinary background in interaction design, media technology, dance (Galindo), theatre (Raeburn) and game design (Clayton).

They collaborate with Split Britches and the Stroke Association (UK) exploring experience-centred design combining participatory performance and interactive technology for stroke recovery. Their research has been presented in international conferences (CHI 2019, MOCO 2018 and ISPS 2017) and their current project was finalist for the Inspire Award 2019, QMUL. This project explores the combination of participatory performance methods and interactive technology for social wellbeing.

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