Bespoke controllers and the impact on Game Feel

Paul is the current Programme Leader for the Computer Game Applications Development course at Abertay University, teaching on modules focused on Games and Graphics Programming. His current research activity involves VR/AR technology, cancer simulation, cloud computing and bespoke interfaces using microcontrollers.

Paul obtained his doctorate for interdisciplinary research developing and evaluating a computer games based simulation for the firearms police. Paul has led several research projects investigating the future of self-service technology and media consumption, and providing research opportunities to local industry. He has also been involved in projects that provide real-time analytics of user interfaces for local games companies.

This project explores the role and effect of bespoke game controllers on game feel and accessibility. The project aims to develop a range of custom controllers and associated games, designed to tightly couple the user interaction with the game execution. Player analytics will be collected to quantify, explore and improve the user experience.

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Paul Robertson