Reimagining the Customer and Retail experience using Generative Machine Learning

Mark (Dino) Dinoulis was involved in some of the early pioneering research into machine learning whilst studying Computer Science at Manchester University during the 80s. He then went on to build a career within the Fin Tech industry, managing the development of Investment Banking Financial Risk Management Systems before deciding to move his career in a more creative direction, completing an MA Fashion Photography degree at UAL where he incorporated leading edge technologies and machine learning into his visualisations.

Dino now works at UAL as a research fellow for the Business of Fashion, Textiles and Technology (BFTT) partnership. This project investigates how GANs may be used within the fashion world to enhance the consumer experience, and to create a more sustainable fashion industry. One of the core areas of research is the customer experience of retail in general, particularly trying-on clothing – and how this may translate across both retail and cultural contexts.

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