The Power Motive and its importance in predicting Online and Offline information sharing behaviour

Marios Theocharopoulos is a PhD Candidate at The University of Edinburgh. He is a Psychology Researcher with expertise in applied psychology. He is interested in exploring how our personality and personal desires/motives affect how we think, act, and what moral values we hold.

He is currently a Statistics Tutor and Written Communication Consultant for the Psychology department and Social Media Ambassador (research focus) for the Philosophy, Psychology and Language Sciences School. On Online Social Networking Sites such as Facebook, and Trip Advisor, voluminous self-disclosure and electronic Word of Mouth (eWOM) by users has attracted the attention of policy makers and organizations globally. Despite these online behaviours playing a vital role in today’s world, we still have a limited understanding of what motivates users share information online and offline. The purpose of this study given the theoretical background is to explore the effect of the Power Motive (i.e. Dominance, Prestige and Leadership) on information sharing behaviours.

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Marios Theocharopoulos