Artificial Intelligence and the Useful Art Museum: A Cross-Disciplinary Approach Towards Machine Learning and its Implications in the Museum Sphere

Lukas Nöhrer holds a BA in Art History (University of Vienna) and he studied Art and Digital Media at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna. He recently finished his MA in Art Gallery and Museum Studies at the University of Manchester, where he will start his PhD in Museology + Computer Science this September. He held several research positions at various universities. Currently he is working as a Research Assistant at the Department of Computer Science at UoM. He has attended several conferences as a speaker or panellist, the most recent being ICOM’s Working Internationally Conference at the British Library.

His project explores the contribution of AI to the public art museum, focusing on the questions What is the role and potential of unsupervised machine learning as a curatorial strategy? How can AI be used to interpret and classify existing collections and inform acquisition? In what ways will the use of AI in museums challenge and/or enhance public trust?

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Lukas Nöhrer