Sonifying the Self: Biometric Data as the New Paradigm for Interactive Music Composition

Chris Rhodes is a Manchester-based composer of Electroacoustic music. Studying at NOVARS Research Centre (University of Manchester), he is a first Year PhD Music Composition student investigating the use of biometric data to stimulate interactive music compositions. His work has been performed abroad, enjoying a recent performance of his work at the 16th Sound and Music Computing conference.

This project uses a wearable sensor (Myo armband) to capture biometric data (EMG) of music performance gestures with different instrumental performers. It focuses on wearable sensor data extraction informed by its aesthetic potential, as well as the progressive applications that using biometric (EMG) data offers; e.g. bio-digital interactivity, music composition using artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, and collaborative bio-networking in music performance.

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