Doctoral Candidates and Early Career Researchers working in the areas of research addressing the BEYOND 2020 conference themes, feature their work in the Poster Exhibition. Areas of focus include film, television, theatre, visitor attractions, gaming and much more. Explore the projects below.

How can AI enable development of novel design processes that will support the co-creation of future fashion?

Virtual Location Scouting: A new approach enabled by Real-Time engines, Immersive technologies and Digital Twins

Hacking environmental heritage with homebrew technologies and open source data to reclaim the Lost City

Deforming Reality: exploring the boundary between physical and virtual using deep learning

Throwing Digital Horns: Covid-19 and the Rise of Online Live Music Portal Shows

Altered perceptions: Using immersive sound and image to depict experiences of blindness

The Mobius Strip: Traversing New Realities in Curatorial Design through Collage and Surrealism

Stepping Through Interactive

Animal Crossing, kindness, and combatting isolation: understanding the impact of videogames under lockdown

How can embodied drawing practices negotiate the relationships between self, body and natural environments?

Virtual Architecture Framework for Immersive Learning Environments

Modern Collectibles: Implementing Procedural and Spatial Audio in ARKit with CoreML

Beyond the Cluster: Creative Clusters as an Instrument for Inclusive Innovation

Performed Poetry Communities and Digital Media

Augmented reality headsets for emplaced storytelling

Cutting Room - An Object Based Media Authoring Tool for Non-Technical Users