COVID Advice &
Policies for BEYOND

Health and safety are a priority at BEYOND. 

We are taking extensive steps to ensure BEYOND is as comfortable and as Covid-safe as possible following measures laid out by the venue and local officials. This document has the latest information on our measures for our delegates and the BEYOND team.

We will post signs up in both venues to remind everyone of the guidelines. The latest Covid advice from the Northern Irish Government is also available. Any updates will be posted in this document, on the BEYOND website and any major changes via email to all our delegates.

Thank you for helping us keep the event within these guidelines and minimising the risk for everyone taking part.

Feeling Unwell or Tested Positive?

If you are feeling unwell or have tested positive for Covid, please do not attend the event 

make your way to your home or hotel immediately. If you require assistance please contact us via [email protected].

The Zoe Covid project lists the top 5 symptoms as:

  1. Headache
  2. Runny nose
  3. Sneezing
  4. Sore throat
  5. Loss of smell

If you haven’t had both vaccinations you may also experience:

  • Fever
  • Persistent cough

A particularly nasty flu bug is also doing the rounds at the moment. The Zoe Covid team have published a useful article to help distinguish between this flu and Covid. The NHS also has a list of symptoms available.

Close Enough for Comfort

Please be considerate about mask wearing and social distancing. 

We want everyone to have a great time at BEYOND. For many people this may be the first event they have attended in a while and there will be a range of expectations about social distancing especially during the conference and networking.

On registering for the first time at BEYOND, you’ll be offered a choice of lanyard to let other know how you would prefer to interact with them:

Relaxed about interactions but please ask about handshakes or elbow bumps

Please keep your distance, ask about a mask. No physical contact

Safety Measures

These are our principals for mitigating the risk from the virus, please take a moment to have a look through. References to the sources are provided below.

  • COVID TESTING – You are not required to show a negative Covid test by law, but we are kindly asking that you take a test before joining the conference. The BEYOND team and volunteers will be taking daily tests. A limited number of LFT tests will be available from the BEYOND team at Titanic Belfast during BEYOND.


  • CHECK-IN – in order to support Test & Trace, all delegates will be required to check-in to all BEYOND events at Titanic Belfast and the Titanic Hotel Belfast. Our team will check either your name or your ticket using its QR code. iPhone fans can save their ticket to their Apple wallet.


  • FACE MASKS – Please use a face mask when moving around the public areas at both the Titanic Belfast and the Titanic Hotel Belfast. Face masks are also required when entering or leaving the building. You don’t need to, though are still welcome to, wear a face mask when seated during the conference, during lunch and tea breaks. If you do not have a face mask the BEYOND team will have them available at check-in. Please also be mindful of other people’s preferences see Close Enough for Comfort.


  • KEEP YOUR SEAT – Titanic Belfast have asked that you retain the same seat throughout your stay at the venue and that delegates take their lunch and any refreshments at a table rather than standing or walking around.


  • HANDS – Sanitiser will be widely available through all venues.


  • ONE-WAY SYSTEMS AND QUEUES – Please follow directions around the venue. In some areas one-way systems may be used to maintain social distancing. There may also be some areas where we will have to limit numbers for safety, for example in the Immersive Futures Lab, so we ask for your understanding and patience if you are asked to wait to be admitted or have to take a longer route to get somewhere.


  • ENHANCED CLEANING PROTOCOLS – Both venues have instituted cleaning enhanced protocols to keep venues as clean as possible and reduce contact eg. by leaving doors open and using contactless forms of payment.


  • FRESH AIR – Both venues have instituted enhanced protocols to circulate fresh air through the rooms that will be used for BEYOND.

Venue Safety Measures

We’re delighted to be working with the very best venues in Belfast. They are taking extensive measures to ensure your safety:

Titanic Belfast Safe Event Charter
➤ Titanic Belfast COVID – Visitor Information
➤ Titanic Hotel Belfast: A New Clean


If you have any queries or require any assistance before or during the event, our email address [email protected] is regularly monitored.

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